Shake Wiggle N' Roll Rescue thanks you for visiting our website. We are an independent, non profit rescue, and have many animals that need new, and forever loving homes.  If you think you might be interested in one of our animals, please contact us. If you can not adopt presently, but want to volunteer or make a donation in some way, please contact us.  There are so many ways you can help, and any of them would make a difference to an animal in need, and helping the rescue in continuing to save as many dogs as possible, from high kill shelters throughout California. Shake Wiggle N' Roll also helps in surrenderd dogs from owners who can no longer keep their pets, due to an unexpected circumstance, economic or health issues. These animals are kept from going to a shelter, and goes into a loving care envioronment, and kept from the terrifying experience of a shelter. Currently, the majority of the funding has been provided from the founder, and the rescue desperately needs people like you to help in anyway possible.

The rescue seeks monetary donations of any amount, blankets, towels, bedding, and volunteer work.

We are looking for experienced fosters, who can take one of the animals into their home on a temperary basis, before them going into their new home. Fostering is one of the most critical steps to saving the life of an animal. There is no wait and think about it in rescue.

Running a rescue is very expensive, and many are under the impression that the shelters pay us to take the dogs. which is untrue. We pay for all the vet costs, spay/neuters,  shots, microchipping, and food.  We take in sick animals as well as animals with some behavioral issues and work with them,  all at the expense of the rescue.  In the end, it is worth it, as we have saved another animal life.

Everyone can help in one way or another, and it means the world to the animals, whose lifes have been turned upside down.

Sadly, we are a nation where many animals are put down on a daily basis in the high kills shelters, and they were never blest to have been given a second chance.  So we must think positive, to know that a percentage did get saved, and it is people like you who can help to continue to help get them out in helping with rescues,  or adopting a rescue. Due to the economic crisis, and people not understanding ownership of an animal, the rescues and shelters are overloaded with many wonderful animals.

Thank you for your support in advance.  Shake Wiggle N' Roll looks forward to hearing from you.

Don't think for a minute, you can't make a difference. Even an hour a month, a year or more of volunteer work, or a small monetary contribution all adds up.  They, who have no voice to tell their story, wait for you to lend a helping hand.  The animals don't want to go back, only forward and start a new life, in a new and loving home, where someone can provide good leadership skills and love. They are waiting.

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